Failed Edenville Dam’s License Revoked in 2018 for Failure to Increase Spillway Capacity


Evacuation orders are in place for many spots in Midland County, forcing about 10,000 people to leave their homes.

In Edenville, entire homes and communities have been washed over by water after one of two dams in the area failed.

The dam collapse and failures are triggered from the last couple of days of heavy rains.

That forced part of the Edenville Dam to fail and Wixom Lake poured out into surrounding areas.

Boyce Hydro, who was contracted to work on the Edenville Dam, was cited in a 2018 report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a failure to comply with license and regulatory requirements.

The report says the dam could only pass about 50% of the possible maximum flood.

This is not the first time Wixom Lake has been emptied.

We’ve been telling you about issues with the dams in the area for over a year now.

In 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission revoked Boyce Hydro’s license.

Court documents say this was over their failure to increase the Edenville Dam’s spillway capacity.

Wixom Lake was then drained in March of 2019 to inspect the dam.

Afterwards, community members created the Four Lakes Task Force in hopes to buy the dam.

Earlier this year, Boyce agreed to sell the Edenville Dam over the next two years for almost $9.5 million.

Four Lakes had hoped to use the money from nearby homeowners to pay for the dam, as well as cover repairs and upgrades