Water Safety Tips: Cadillac YMCA Shares ‘Good Habits’ for Kids

As the weather warms up and you’re thinking about getting in the water, it’s important to remember to be safe. 05 18 20 Water Safety Vo.transfer

May is National Water Safety Month.

Cadillac YMCA swim teacher Andrea David has some tips to ensure you and your family are practicing good habits around the water this summer.

Some things she says to keep in mind: wear life jackets and stay sharp. Be aware and alert when children are in the water.

“We always teach the kids in swim lessons to ask permission, and that kind of goes hand in hand with the adult is basically awareness. Know that your kid is getting in the water,” David says. “Another thing that parents can do with their kids is practicing water skills in the bath tub or even if you have a smaller pool or anything at home…Take the correct precautions so that you and your child can enjoy the water.”

The Cadillac YMCA says it will continue offering swimming classes for all ages once it’s able to open back up.

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