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Veterans and Social Isolation

Veterans are among the most vulnerable groups as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic.  Not just physically, but also mentally.

The Grand Traverse Veterans Affairs Office tells us the stay-at-home order is impacting veterans a little more than it would other people. And it’s very critical now since veterans are at high risk for suicide.

They say it’s hard for veterans to deal with the isolation and distancing, especially when they normally seek out other veterans for interaction.

That is nearly impossible for them to do in person at the moment.

“And that’s not a wide population.  So when other people can go out and connect with other people that they see, veterans seek out other veterans and may not be able to get in that small of a space to talk to other veterans,” said Michael Roof, Grand Traverse County Director of Veterans Affairs.

While social media tools like Zoom can be useful, it doesn’t fully take away that feeling of isolation.

There are several resources locally like the Vet Center in Traverse City and through the V.A. where veterans can turn if they need emotional support.

Here are some helpful online resources for veterans having a tough time during this time of social distancing.

For more information about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, click .

For more information about the Vet Center, Traverse City, click .

For more information about 22 2 None, click .

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