Gov. Whitmer Declares State of Emergency in Midland County Due to Flooding

The governor declared a state of emergency in Midland County.

In Midland County, Edenville Dam has failed and the Sanford Dam is failing.

Edenville and Sanford residents have been asked to evacuate. Dam Failure Evacuation

All Midland Township residents east of M-30 on any streets between Price and Wackerly must also evacuate immediately.

Governor Whitmer’s declaration will make sure officials have what they need to respond to the collapse and the areas it is impacting.

In a statement, she said the State Emergency Operations Center is active and fully engaged for response.

The National Guard has also been activated and is on site working to help.

She urged people in affected areas to evacuate to somewhere safe immediately.

“Please do not hesitate, go stay with a friend or relative or get to one of these shelters now. Follow the direction of public safety officials on the ground. In the next 12 to 15 hours downtown Midland could be under about nine feet of water. We are anticipating an historic high water  level,” said Governor Whitmer.

The governor also stressed the fact that we are also in the middle of a pandemic and that wearing masks and social distancing to the best of your ability is still important.