Antrim County Jail Offers Voluntary Coronavirus Testing

Last month, we told you about the measures the Antrim County Jail has taken to prevent COVID-19 and so far it’s been working.Antrim Jail Covid 19 Testing Vo 10

On Tuesday, the jail took part in voluntary coronavirus testing.

While the jail has not seen any inmates with symptoms, six inmates and seven employees voluntarily took the test.

Sheriff Daniel Bean credits the Antrim County Jail’s success to its social distancing programs as well as fog machines used to sanitize cells.

“No one has come into the jail prisoner wise or through the courts, has been symptomatic for COVID-19 at all. And if anyone is coming in we’re taking precaution right off the bat anyway, automatically to quarantine them for the 14 days in a separate cell. And then they go back in the general population,” said Sheriff Bean.

The test results should come back in three days.

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