The Letter League: Adult Pen Pal Group Connecting People From Around the World

Right now many people all around the world are experiencing loneliness and isolation. However, through modern-day technology and a little creativity people are still able to connect with one Untitled Artwork 5another. 

Heather Spooner, is the owner of Ampersand Lettering Lab in Traverse City, a calligraphy business that has now created The Letter League— an adult pen pal group connecting people not only in Northern Michigan but people around the world. “We were able to get 130 people paired up and 17 states were represented so it was, it even further reached than I anticipated and that’s been really fun to see,” explains Spooner. 

Looking to join? You will fill out a questionnaire and be matched with someone who has similar interests. Along with the registration fee, you will be receiving a pen pal kit. This kit has everything you need to send your first 10 letters (envelopes, postage, etc.) 

The Letter League is connecting people from around the world, bonding over a simple, yet a timeless form of communication. “That’s all I want, is for people for people to feel less alone,“ says Spooner. 

If you would like more information or would like to register, click here. 

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