Childcare Centers Prepare for When Parents Go Back to Work

Now that parents are beginning to return to work, childcare facilities are preparing for the summer.

CAPS Clubhouse in Cadillac reopened Monday. The early childhood center closed due to COVID-19. Early Childhood Director Ashley Mattiuzzo says as parents return to work, the need for childcare returns too.

“Some of the families had two parents that are essential workers and couldn’t find child care for their families and then some families were working from home but working from home and caring for multiple children at home, or any children is a challenge,” says Mattiuzzo.

On the first day back, CAPS Clubhouse cared for 35 kids. Normally, they take 100.

“Starting with 35 shows that these parents aren’t quite back to work yet and we’ve had quite a few people who’ve said we won’t return to work until June, but they want their spot held for that June care,” says Mattiuzzo.

The Cadillac YMCA continued to offer child care for essential workers. In the past two months, their numbers have dropped, but on Monday they saw them jump.

Paul King, membership and marketing director, says “As more of the business sectors opening up, the demand there for child care has grown.”

The Y says parents should prepare for changes when dropping off and picking up.

“The child and the parent, their temperatures are checked. The parent is asked to wear a mask if they come inside the building,” says King.

Both Cadillac Clubhouse and the Y childcare centers say summer programing is still uncertain.

King says, “We follow exactly what the governor says what we can do, so our ability to whether summer camp or child care, in order to do field trips somewhere, things either need to be opened or that needs to be allowed by the governor.”

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