Marbled Crayfish Placed on Michigan’s Prohibited Species List

A crayfish that reproduces through cloning has been banned in Michigan.05 17 20 Marbled Crayfish 1

All Marbled Crayfish are genetically female and can produce up to 700 eggs per reproductive cycle.

The eggs can hatch without being fertilized in a process known as cloning.

Marbled Crayfish are also popular species for aquariums.

Wildlife experts say between their high reproductive rate and aggressive nature, they could dominate Michigan’s lake and river.

They feed on plants, snails and amphibians which would limit sources of food for other wildlife.

They have now been placed on the state’s prohibited species list, meaning they cannot be bought, owned or introduced into Michigan.

Marbled Crayfish should never be released into the wild or flushed down toilets, which could also introduce the species to local bodies of water.