Healthy Living: Killing Glioblastoma

One of the first signs can be a headache, but it gets worse — fast.

The damage glioblastoma does is devastating, even deadly. Hl Killing Glioblastoma Pkg 5.transfer

It is the most aggressive form of brain cancer.

The average person lives just 15 months after diagnosis.

Now there’s new hope, using the patient’s own body to kill tumor cells.

Courtney Hunter explains in Healthy Living.

With the vaccine, 96.8% of the patients were alive after 26 months.

Without the vaccine, average survival after diagnosis is 15 to 18 months.

More trials are expected this year. First, the treatment will be tested in a randomized trial in patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma.

Doctors are also going to combine two immunotherapies together to see if the immune system gets an extra boost.

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