Grand Traverse Co. Grocery Stores Help Keep Pantry Shelves Stocked

More people are turning to places like food banks for help during the coronavirus crisis, and local grocery stores are helping to keep pantry shelves stocked.

Traverse City Food Rescue received a donation of meat Friday from Burritt’s Fresh Market and Superior Foods. 05 15 20 Meat Giveaway Sot

This is part of the Protein for the People campaign to connect restaurant and grocery store donations to food banks.

Their 1,000th pound of meat and protein from this campaign was delivered Friday, which means more than 4,600 meals.

With uncertainty in the protein supply chain, this has been an option for people in need.

“Protein’s been really hard to get, there’s all sorts of supply chain issues,” explained Taylor Moore, manager of Traverse City Food Rescue. “This has been really beneficial to us. Superior Foods, Burritt’s, Red Ginger teaming up to help us purchase has been really helpful in getting food out to people.”

Traverse City Food Rescue will send the food out Monday to food banks in five counties.

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