Country Dairy: Centennial Dairy Farm in New Era Offering Fresh Dairy Products for Pick-Up

The perfect opportunity awaits to satisfy your sweet-tooth and support a local dairy farm. Country Dairy in New Era is a Farm Store Insidecentennial farm that is working extra hard right now to make sure everyone in their community and beyond is taken care of at this time. They are offering milk, cheese, ice-cream, butter, meats, etc. with their curbside and drive-thru options. 

With the pandemic impacting the dairy industry at large, there have been many rumors circulating about farmers having to dump their milk. Thankfully this is not the case at Country Dairy. Jeff Swanson says, “Because we’re a smaller local dairy farm, about, about 100 cows. It hasn’t affected us as much because we are more agile to be able to make some of those accommodations.”

Country Dairy is also a fan of educating the youth in their community. Typically they offer tours when their restaurant is open but with all that’s going on, they simply aren’t able to accommodate tours at this time. 

If you’re hoping to stop by and pick up some dairy products for yourself or would like to keep your eye out for upcoming tours and opportunities, click here. 

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