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Covid 19

Rainy Weather Makes for Smaller Crowds at 3rd Stay-at-Home Order Protest in Lansing


The rain had made for smaller crowds at a protest in Lansing now as most have already left.

Protesters wrapped themselves in their flags and used signs to shield the rain Thursday morning.

It appears the crowd only reached a few hundred, with very little issues state police had to handle.

This is easily the smallest of the three protests over the last several weeks at the Capitol as about several hundred people gathered on the Capitol Building steps.

Things remained peaceful for the most part, aside from two small scuffles where police did have to step in.

The message of this crowd is that they want the state opened up and are worried about what will happen to many local businesses.

We sat down with House Speaker Lee Chatfield Thursday morning and asked him about the protest.

“Anyone who’s coming to protest here, we encourage them to do so responsibly, do it safely and with the right attitudes and best that you can,” said Chatfield. “If you’re frustrated, we encourage you to let government know, to reach out and to do so responsibly.”

Speaker Chatfield also said the committee overseeing the state’s response to the coronavirus has started meeting and the first thing they’re looking into is the state’s unemployment system.


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