Protesters Demonstrate Against Stay-At-Home Order in Lansing

Protesters from across the state made their way to Lansing Thursday to again protest Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

They want more of the restrictions in her executive orders lifted and more of the economy opened back up.Screen Shot 2020 05 14 At 6.00.31 Pm

Thursday marked the 3rd time protesters demonstrated on the capitol in Lansing . At its peak, the crowd was estimated to be around several hundred people

Peggy Dugan came to Thursday’s rally to show support for her son’s business. She says it’s taken a major hit during the state’s stay at home order.

“He’s worked very hard for 10 years and his business is being crushed at this time and he just needs to have the freedom, the freedom, the liberty to open up, and it’s just gotten to the point where we can open up safely and Governor Whitmer is just being very difficult,” said Dugan.

Mary Moylan came from Beaverton is also concerned about what may happen to small businesses taking an economic hit.

“I’m very concerned about the small business owners that are being forced to stay shut believing what she said is law when it’s not, and they’re suffering, she’s always talking about saving lives, but she’s destroying lives,” said Moylan.

Thursday’s demonstration remained largely peaceful aside from a pair of small skirmishes in front of the capitol steps, including one that was over almost as soon as it began.

But the message was largely about the economy and concern that permanent damage may have already happened.

“There comes a point in time where you have to put your feet down or your feet down and make a stand and that time is now, we can’t as Michiganders can’t continue on this path we’re on because this is a path of destruction,” said another demonstrator.

The protest also remained on the capitol lawn. The capitol today was closed to the public.

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