Police Chase Over Mackinac Bridge Ends in Crash, Arrest

A man in Mackinac County led law multiple enforcement agencies on a chase over the Mackinac Bridge with a child in the car.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, deputies responded to a domestic violence call. They say the suspect left the scene and took a child with him.

When police tried to stop the vehicle, the man sped off.

Even after driving over a spike strip that deflated two tires on the passenger side, deputies say the suspect drove through the Mackinac Bridge plaza and crashed through a toll gate.

After crossing the bridge, officers tried boxing the vehicle in. The suspect eventually lost control, crashed into a ditch, and rolled the vehicle onto its roof.

Police were able to rescue the child.

After resisting, police ended up having to use a Taser on the suspect. They believe he was on drugs.

He is now awaiting charges.

The child had minor injuries and was treated at the hospital.