Writer and Blogger Explains Minimalist Lifestyle

The saying ‘less is more’ may actually have more truth to it than we realize. That’s exactly what writer, blogger and life coach, Kristin Fehrman from Traverse City believes. 99221cbc 7cec 4ef9 Ad40 14be86acac49

Over the last few years, she has given away a large majority of her clothes, jewelry, furniture, and accessories to live a more simplified approach. She says it’s helped to bring clarity and purpose to her life. Fehrman has traveled the country as a fashion blogger turned mindfulness and purpose-driven blogger. She’s also a licensed life coach and full-time writer now living in Traverse City.

Fehrman explains the idea of minimalism can be different for everyone, depending on their own lifestyle. It’s more than just organizing a closet or space in your home. It involves living with much less than we think we actually need and ultimately feeling mentally better with less.

In the video above, Fehrman walks us through her story and showcase the areas of her home that she has transitioned into a minimalist style.

For more information about Kristin Fehrman and her blog, Mindful In Style, click here.

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