Traverse City DDA to Propose Pedestrian-Only Front Street

With summer approaching, the concept of social distancing in busier places could become an issue. Front Street

Traverse City is looking to get ahead of the curve.

“We have looked at where we are in the State of Michigan and knowing that social distancing is going to be very important,” said Jean Derenzy, the CEO of the Traverse City DDA.

To help people social distance, the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority has proposed making Front Street pedestrian only.

“It’s to have the space to able to enjoy what we have in downtown—from all the great restaurants and the great retail and the experience we have in Traverse City—to ensure that people feel safe to come down and to frequent the restaurants they always have and the retail the always have,” Derenzy said.

It is only an idea now, and if it becomes a reality, will take lots of planning and coordinating.

“There’s a lot to do,” Derenzy added. “The traffic component, the parking piece, as well as how are we ensuring that it’s not just the 100 and 200 block, but how are we helping east Front Street, and Cass Street, and Union Street, those businesses too?”

Before they move forward, the DDA wants to virtually meet with as many Front Street businesses as possible before they take it to the Traverse City Commission. It would have to be approved by the city commission before the plan could be put into practice.

“It’s about them and their customers that are coming in,” Derenzy said.

They do want this done in a timely fashion so everyone can enjoy the fun of Front Street in the safest way possible.

“The goal is to implement this sometime this summer to allow the community access to downtown in a social distancing way,” Derenzy added.

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