AG Nessel, MSP Call For Safety at Upcoming Lansing Protest

MSP says there will be a stronger police presence than at previous protests. 05 13 2020 Msp On Lansing Protests Vo 6

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says she is working with state police to ensure protests remain peaceful.

Michigan State Police say they’ll be looking for proper social distancing and the attorney general reiterated that openly carrying a gun to intentionally create fear and disobeying law enforcement can get you into trouble as well.

“We want to let the public know they have a first amendment right to do this and we want to protect that right but let’s do it in a safe way for everybody,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll. “We don’t anticipate any issues, we just want to prevent them.”

The attorney general says protesters who do not follow the law and choose to behave in a threatening manner can expect to be held accountable.

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