Traverse City Community Celebrates Woman’s 100th Birthday

Firefighters, police officers and community members in Traverse City celebrated a very special birthday. 100 Year Old Birthday

Rosemary Roberts turned 100-years-old on Tuesday.

Rosemary has been at the Arbor House in Traverse City for 10 years.

She doesn’t have family in northern Michigan, so the Arbor House scheduled a time for a drive by celebration.

They handed out cake to those who drove by and received cards for Rosemary while she sat on the front lawn watching it with her friends.

“Families aren’t allowed to come into the home and that so when I was putting up the decorations last week getting ready for her birthday. I thought to myself, why am I doing this no one can even come in and celebrate with her.  So I decided to bring it outside so she could have some enjoyment for her 100th birthday,” said Caregiver Linda Eager.

The Traverse City Fire Department says anyone within city limits who would like a special birthday drive by can reach out them on Facebook.

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