S.S. Badger Releases COVID-19 Safety Plan

05 05 20 Ss Badger Natvo

The coronavirus pandemic is not stopping the S.S. Badger from docking this year.

But for right now, the start of their sailing season is delayed until the state and federal travel advisories are lifted.

The ship that takes people across Lake Michigan to and from Ludington and Wisconsin says ship and shore crew members will be following CDC guidelines.

The Badger is also going to cut down on passenger capacity by half.

Crew members will also have to wear masks and will be screened daily for possible symptoms.

Passengers may also be screened.

The Badger does say evening sailings will be canceled so that the ship can get cleaned and sanitized each night.

They will also create a paperless trail for your tickets.

They are now taking reservations as they aim to start their season June 12.

You can get tickets for the S.S. Badger online.

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