Google Releases COVID-19 Community Mobility Report

As health experts weigh in on the government’s response to the pandemic, Google has put out new information on how communities are doing at distancing themselves from others.

Google used location tracking data throughout Michigan to find out where people are or are not going from March 21 to May 2.

Google says by that data, they found out that 38% fewer people are heading to retail stores and businesses that are still open during the state’s stay at home order.

Mobility changes also popped up at grocery stores and pharmacies, dropping 10% in Michigan.

While those sectors are all trending down, parks, trails, beaches and other outdoor areas are skyrocketing in activity, up 160% throughout the state.

Grand Traverse County is reporting a 120% increase alone.

“It’s why we love living here for many of us is the access to the outdoors, but it’s so important to be cognizant of that when you arrive somewhere. Maintain social distancing guidelines. If you come to a trail head and there are a lot of cars, consider going somewhere else,” said Traverse City Commissioner Ashlea Walter.

To read the full report, click here.

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