Gov. Whitmer Warns of Slide As State COVID-19 Numbers Improve

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the amount of tests given continues to increase in Michigan while the number of positive tests decreases.

A very good sign to recovery but there are still issues that may flip the numbers.

Michiganders want to be free of COVID-19 and Michigan is getting close after nine weeks of semi-quarantine.

“Nine weeks of canceled plans and holiday dinners over Zoom,” says Gov. Whitmer.

Michiganders want to know when.May 11 1 Original

When can they meet again?

When can they dine again?

When can they work out again?

They want a date to point to.

“The thing that you can’t clock on the calendar is human behavior,” says Whitmer.

The trends say soon but Whitmer says the numbers don’t mean much if people continue to break against the safety protocols.

“I expect people to follow the law. These executive orders are not a suggestion. They are not optional. They are not helpful hints,” says Whitmer, “This is an order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Reports of businesses opening early have spread across the state.

“Most businesses in the state have a license from the state,” says Whitmer, “They are putting themselves at risk by putting their customers and themselves at risk by opening prematurely.”

Whitmer says she understands the impatience but to just give her a little bit longer.

“The numbers are improving,” says Whitmer, “Let’s keep our wits about us and do the next right thing.”

She’s repeated it for a few weeks now and people are getting restless but she says it’s been worth it.

“We’ve saved a lot of lives,” says Whitmer, “We never know precisely how many but it’s been working.”

Michigan is currently in Stage 3 of a 6 Stage plan. A jump to Stage 4 is coming in the next couple weeks if the numbers continue as they are.

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