Speaker Chatfield, Rep. O’Malley Discuss Stay-At-Home Extension, Regional Re-Opening Approach

Governor Whitmer extended the state’s stay-at-home order Thursday until May 28th and said manufacturing can start back up on Monday.

But some state leaders say the state still isn’t taking the right approach when it comes to re-opening the economy. Untitled

Speaker Lee Chatfield says there were parts of the governor’s announcement Thursday that were encouraging to him, but he’s still urging her to take a regional approach to re-opening Michigan’s economy.

Governor Whitmer has made it clear her plan is to take it slow re-opening the state’s economy.
But House Speaker Lee Chatfeild says those steps need to be regional.

“There seemed to be progress a couple weeks ago in the governor’s remarks that we were going to go towards a regional approach. We’ve been calling on her to do that for the past month and I was disappointing yesterday because it seemed that she took a step back from that,” said Chatfield.

State Representative Jack O’Malley also says a regional approach is needed and says concern is growing among many small businesses, especially with summer approaching.

“We here in northern Michigan are a seasonal economy. And we have a very short window to make profits for 12 months and our people, people in my district are those businesses are hurting,” said O’Malley.

And we asked Speaker Chatfield about a lawsuit filed by several Michigan churches against the governor. The speaker’s father is pastor of one of the churches in the lawsuit.

“I think it just goes to show you there is frustration around this state of people who have had their livelihood taken away, and there’s a false narrative that in order to prioritize public health you have to be willing to take away people’s livelihoods and take away their freedoms and I think that’s wrong,” said Chatfield.

We also asked Speaker Chatfield if he’s spoken with the governor since Wednesday when Republican leadership unveiled a lawsuit against her. He said conversations with the governor are ongoing.

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