Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association Releases ‘Roadmap to Reopening’

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Dine-in restaurant service is still on hold in Michigan, and the restaurant industry is hurting.

Michigan restaurants generated $19 billion in sales last year.

Compare that to last month when restaurants statewide lost an estimated $1.2 billion.

249,000 restaurant workers are out of work.

From March 1 through April 16, 55% of restaurants in the state closed for business.

Friday the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association published what they call a “Roadmap to Reopening” those restaurants.

The MRLA released a series of eight checklists for restaurants to follow in order to reopen properly.

They include guidelines for what types of measures restaurants should do if they want to get back to business, including developing a response team and screening for employees and customers.

The organization also asks restaurants to determine how to handle third-party deliveries of supplies, and develop a menu that’s achievable with reduced capacities in their kitchens and dining areas.

The MRLA says restaurants should be allowed to reopen on May 29 if they follow the checklists.


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