WEEKLY JOBS REPORT: 3.2 Million File for Unemployment Last Week

The U.S. Department of Labor has just released its latest weekly jobs report.

The department says 3.2 million people filed for unemployment last week, raising totals to 33 million layoffs since the virus began.

For Michigan, the state received about 70,000 new claims last week.

More than 1.3 million Michiganders have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus crisis began.

Friday morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its official monthly jobs report detailing how many people filed for unemployment in April.

That report will provide one of the most comprehensive overviews of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

That will help policymakers as they continue to respond to the country’s response.

It will also document just how severely stay-at-home orders have hurt the U.S. economy.

Combined with job losses in March, April’s layoffs are expected to wipe out all jobs gained over the past decade.


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