Hook & Hunting: Charter Fishing Resumes

On Thursday, charter fishing resumed across the state. Charter Fishing

That’s welcome news for port communities like Ludington.

Ludington is known as one of the busiest charter ports in the state.

This would normally be  the time of year charters would start in Ludington, but right now there are very few boats in the water.

The vice president of the Ludington Charter Boat Association, David Ellis, says captains are preparing for a slow season.

“They’re expecting there to be less charters this year because of what’s going on. At this point we really don’t know. I mean we could be down as much as 50%. It’s not just the charter industry it’s the whole tourism industry,” said Ellis.

They say many charter captains still have a lot of concerns, like how they will practice social distancing while on the boat.

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