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Cookie Grams: The Leland Lodge Sending Out “Thinking of You” Cookies During Pandemic

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Nothing says “thinking of you” like a big, chocolate chip cookie… or a dozen of them! The Leland Lodge in Leelanau County is known for its iconic chocolate chip cookies among guests and locals. Every day, hotel guests are treated to a hot, chocolate chip cookie at 2 o’clock. Lodging Manager, Patti Shaffran says, “they look forward to it. They’ve actually dubbed it “cookie o’clock” and the front desk gets bombarded.”

Now that they are no longer able to connect with their guests in this way, they decided to ship these crave-worthy cookies right to their front doors! “We had no idea what was going to happen but we’re hearing from brides and grooms that have gotten married here they’re ordering cookies, hotel guests and just locals are shipping cookies out,” explains Restaurant Manager, Tony West.

So far, they have sold over 1,000 cookies and have shipped to 17 states. The cookie love is being felt in every corner of the country, what’s even more special though is who is and can be on the receiving end of these orders. “Guests aren’t ordering them for themselves, they’re ordering them for their relatives, for nurses for first responders,” explains West.

If this is something you’re interested in, send an email to by 5 pm Monday. Cookies will be shipped out on Wednesday.

To learn more about Leland Lodge and their Cookie Grams or other weekly promotions,


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