Construction Crews Return to Work Thursday

Construction workers returned to their job sites on Thursday after Governor Whitmer lifted some of her restrictions.

Crews like Sean McCardel Construction in Traverse City say they’re excited to get back to work after eight weeks off.

“It was like opening season, it was great,” says owner Sean McCardel. “I actually had some butterflies because it wasn’t the most organic start to our building season, but very excited.”

Already on the first day back, McCardel’s crews are out here moving dirt and digging a basement.

Fred Walton, an equipment operator for Popp Excavating, says, “We’re swamped to get caught up with stuff, we do a lot of work in a month so take that month away, we’ve got to catch up now.”

And they’re following social distancing procedures:

McCardel says, “Today’s a perfect example of being able to do that in safe manner where you have one-person operating a dozer in his cab, one person operating in the loader in his cab and then there’s one laborer on the job site.”

McCardel even has his workers take their temperature before every shift.

“Now that we’ve had so much more attention put on the COVID-19 virus, I think it’s made us that much more aware of safety and made our jobs site even safer,” says McCardel.

Walton says he’s just happy to be back outdoors, doing what he loves:

“We’re a little bit late this year, but now we’re out and it’s looking up.”

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