White House to Replace Coronavirus Task Force With Economy-Focused One

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The White House says it plans to wind down its coronavirus task force in the coming weeks and replace it with one focused on the economy.

That’s despite a continued steady rise in cases and deaths across the country.

The U.S. is now reporting 1.2 million confirmed cases and 71,000 deaths.

And the latest projected death toll from researchers at the University of Washington has nearly doubled to 134,000 lives lost by August.

It comes as more than 40 states begin to loosen their social restrictions amid mounting economic pressure.

“We’ve got to let some of these folks get back to work, because if we don’t, we’re going to destroy the American way of life in these families,” said Republican Chris Christie, Former New Jersey Governor.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls it a lose-lose situation for all.

“How much do we think a human life is worth? You stay closed, there’s a cost. You reopen quickly, and there’s a cost. The faster we reopen, the lower the economic cost, but the higher the human cost because the more lives lost. That, my friends, is the decision we are really making,” He said.

The United Kingdom has passed Spain, Italy and France as the hardest hit country in Europe.

It’s also now the second hardest-hit in the world, right behind the U.S.

Authorities placed the UK on lockdown six weeks ago.

But the country is now reporting more than 32,000 deaths.

While the death toll continues to rise, the daily number of new cases is dropping.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he believes the worst is behind them.

“Thank you for all you’ve been doing to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Thanks to all of you I believe we are making progress and passing through the peak,” He said.

If the peak has passed, the UK could follow Spain and Italy’s lead in lifting the lockdown.

That decision could come as early as this weekend.

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