Pres. Trump’s Nominee for Dir. of National Intelligence Questioned by Senate Panel

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A Senate panel is considering President Trump’s pick for director of National Intelligence.

Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe of Texas faced tough questioning during a Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday.

This is the second time President Trump has picked Ratcliffe for the position.

Ratcliffe withdrew after he was first nominated for the role last summer amid questions about exaggerations to his national security resume.

But he was nominated again in February.

During his confirmation hearing, Senators grilled him on the origins of the coronavirus and the Trump administration’s response.

“Have you seen any intelligence…that the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan?” Sen. Angus King asked.

“I have not,” Ratcliffe said.

“Have you seen any evidence that it originated in a seafood market?” Sen. Tom Cotton asked.

“No,” Ratcliffe said.

“Do you believe he (the president) has accurately conveyed to severity of the virus to the American people?” Sen. Kamala Harris asked.

“I believe so,” Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe vowed to investigate the origin of the virus and to be non-partisan if confirmed.

The Senate committee could vote on his nomination as soon as next week.

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