Michigan Republicans File Lawsuit Against Gov. Whitmer

Where a battle is brewing over the state’s coronavirus response, and it’s boiling over into the courts.

Michigan Republican leaders announced a lawsuit Wednesday morning against Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

They’re challenging her extension of Michigan’s state of emergency and want the courts to decide who has the authority to declare and extend one.

House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey announced the lawsuit had been filed Wednesday at the capitol.

This was all put in to motion last week when the Michigan House voted not to extend the state of emergency and gave Speaker Chatfield the authority to sue Governor Whitmer.

The governor in response issued a new state of emergency, one that runs until the end of the month.

This lawsuit challenges the governor’s interpretation of a 1945 law.

Speaker Chatfield and Majority Leader Shirkey say the governor needed legislative approval for either an extension or new emergency order.

“Today was very avoidable, but it is necessary. It’s a sad day for our state because we truly should all be working together, we should be partnering together rather than having a battle in court because no one truly wanted to have that,” said Chatfield.

Speaker Chatfield and Majority Leader Shirkey told us they had a conversation with the governor Tuesday, but did not go into detail on what the three spoke about.

The governor’s office has issued a response to this lawsuit saying: “This lawsuit is just another partisan game that won’t distract the governor. Her number one priority is saving lives. She’s making decisions based on science and data, not political or legal pressure. She has brought together leaders in health care, business, labor, and education to develop the MI Safe Start plan to re-engage our economy in a way the protects our workers and their families. Moving forward, the governor will continue to listen to medical experts and put the health and safety of Michiganders first.”

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