Couple Faces Wedding Day Changes Due to Coronavirus

It’s spring and the calendar says May. It is supposed to be the start of the busy wedding season. But the Coronavirus has put weddings on hold and left plans up in the air for many couples – and wedding vendors. We spoke with one couple that was planning on getting married this weekend. But they’re moving on to “Plan B.”

Bria 3With three years of dating, and then getting engaged last fall, Bria Squires and Stephen Massaway have set the stage for the day couples dream of.  Their wedding was supposed to be this weekend, May 9th.  But that’s on hold. Bria says, “We were pretty bummed. May was a really special time for us. But, it’s okay.”

The Coronavirus derailed the wedding train and silenced their wedding bells. Stephen says, “We kind of held out to the last date to move it because we were really hoping everything would be lifted. We did try to hold out for as long as we could. But as it got closer and closer we realized it’s not going to happen.”

They had already sent out invitations and ordered party favors – printed with a special date, that now will not be their wedding anniversary.  Bria says, “We had all of our stuff dated for May 9th. Our cups, our koozies for our guests, everything had to be changed, our save-the-date had to be changed.”Bria And Stephen Swag

Bria and Stephen aren’t alone. Many couples are going through this, and it’s also affecting wedding vendors: from flowers and photos to DJs and wedding cakes. Kathy Potter at Potter’s Bakery says, “I really feel for them. We just have to cancel or postpone it. We give them their money or deposit back. But for them it’s been a big hardship for them. I mean a lot goes in to planning a wedding. We’re only a very small part of that planning.”

Potters BakeryFor Potter’s, 25% of their summer business is weddings – with almost all of them affected one way or another. “A lot of people are changing their dates. Cancelling or putting on hold because they don’t have new date, or pushing them back to June, July, August. I’m going to say that maybe 25% are cancelled all together. All the rest have been postponed.”

Stephen says the wedding planning, and re-planning, has brought the couple closer together. “We’ve been working through it together, which is nice. I guess it’s been kind of a hurdle we’ve been able to overcome together. It’s made us stronger I think.”Bria 1

Postponing this weekend’s wedding is a hiccup in their journey together, but things are already in place for their wedding that’s now set for June. And that’s reason enough to be optimistic for this future groom and his bride-to-be.  Stephen says, “At the end of the day we’re still going to get married, still going to have a great ceremony and reception with people we love so that’s keeping our hopes up and our spirits up.”

As for all of that “swag”? Bria laughs. “We are probably going to hand out the May 9th swag, just because we have it and we spent some money on that.” But all the planning is done, so she says now they’ll just sit back and relax. And maybe have a glass of wine or two on Saturday to recognize what was supposed to be their big day.

And in case you’re wondering: They have “Plan C” for July.

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