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Tech on Tuesday: Celebrating Life Virtually From Wine to Pets

Promo Image: Tech on Tuesday: Celebrating Life Virtually From Wine to Pets
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Technology has been an essential tool when it comes to communication and education, but have you tried using it to celebrate life?

Here at ‘The Four’ – we gathered our top four fun ways you can use tech to celebrate virtually.

is an exciting, new way to send well-wishes, birthday wishes, greetings, and any other friendly messages to loved ones. To use it, you simply sign up on their website, and for $15 you can create a bank of messages from your family and friends. You set a deadline, and once that hits, will edit all of the messages into a montage to be sent to that special person.

Last week 9 & 10’s Courtney Hunter and Matthew Doyle’s were supposed to be celebrating their wedding day. We did a fun shout out to them on this show – if you missed it – but a couple of our amazing co-workers got them a gift that will give them another way to remember that day.

They had a facetime photo session with – who is a professional photographer in Detroit.

Frankie is still doing this – and is planning some more sessions in the near future – for more info.

From live streaming winemakers to winemaking, offers wine-tasting with your pals while practicing safe social distancing. This is an excellent way to support local vineyards while still connecting with your friends. for more info.

To celebrate with our pet pals, the is opening up its first-ever totally – all about pets. The opening reception is May 6th at 1 p-m.

The museum put out the call out for digital photos of kids pets – real, imaginary, or even stuffed. All of the entries were alongside digital versions of art from the Dennos Collection. Tomorrow, everyone is invited to interact with the young artists and community on .

For more tech tips – tune in every Tuesday to ‘The Four’ for our ‘Tech on Tuesdays’ segments.