Salons Prepare New Guidelines for Reopening

Salons and spas are eager to reopen, but it looks like you’ll still have a few more weeks before you can finally get your hair done. Salon Salons

The State of Emergency declared by the Governor ends on May 28th, and the salon industry is targeting that date to get back to work. But things will look a little different next time they open their doors.

Dawnette Wessell owns Epiphany Salon & Spa. She says, “Our clients are very missed. We want to see them and we want their safety to be our number one.”

The salon industry is preparing for some noticeable changes, even before you step foot inside: You may be asked to wait in your car until your stylist is ready to see you. JoAnn Zenner is the owner of Salon Verve. She says, “(We are) only opening half of our chairs each day to keep everybody’s a little spread out. We’re going to put people on a different schedule to keep less people at the front desk. “

You’ll probably be asked to wear a mask – one that hooks around your ears instead of all the way around your head. Employees will be also wearing masks, too. And there’s even debate in the industry about the use of blow dryers – will the forced air spread the virus, or will the heat kill it?  Zenner says, “I’ve read multiple sources that say this virus hates heat. So my take on the blow drying is that a hot blow dryer is not going to make anything worse. If anything it might kill what’s in the air.” Wessell says some customers may prefer to get in and out quickly to safety concerns, but when it comes to blow-drying, “I’m going to leave that up to each individual (customers and stylists), instead of us as a whole, because blow drying is not going to hurt us. I just don’t think it does. And I’m not really into getting people in and getting people out. We are into quality over quantity.”

Salon EpiphanyAside from the actual salon services – there are also questions about what changes we’ll see right inside the doors. Wessell hopes to be able to sell products even before salon and spa services re-open. “I’m trying to find some answers if I can at least re-open the retail area. And as long as we stay under the 10 people in the building at the same time, that’s where I’m trying to figure out.”

And just because you’re done, the new rules don’t stop. Zenner says, “Only one person can be cashing out at a time. If more people are done at the same time they’re going to have to wait in that stylists chair until the front desk is free so there’s no congestion there.”

For now the new guidelines may have to be flexible, in case other restrictions come down from the state level.  Zenner says she hopes the state is the one to make them, instead of individual salons. “Those decisions are not going to be what the client wants to hear in some instances. And it’s helpful if the state takes it out of our hands and says that this is how it is.” Salon Verve

These owners say they’re just as eager to see you – as you are desperate to see them. “We are going to open as soon as we can. We are ready to open and we are going to take all the safety protocols that we need to take and it means a lot to us,” says Wessell.

Zenner adds, “I’m hoping this is temporary. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes as long as it takes but it really, I hope this isn’t the new normal forever.”

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