S.S. Badger Sounds Horn to Salute Essential Workers

The S.S. Badger in Ludington sounded its horn Tuesday to salute all of the essential workers.

The Badger first blew its horn to celebrate crew members returning to get the ship in sailing shape, but they decided to make it a tradition. 05 05 20 Ss Badger Natvo

Now every weekday at noon, the Badger will sound off to honor the essential workers not only in Ludington but everywhere.

They say it’s important to provide some hope during these time.

“You know, you see all the stories and pictures of people who are working terribly long hours in really tough conditions, and hopefully it’s just a little glimmer of appreciation and hope,” said Patrick McCarthy, vice president of the S.S. Badger.

The S.S. Badger plans to make its first voyage of the season on June 12.

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