Mackinac Bridge Sees Decrease in Traffic and Revenue

We continue to learn more each day on just how wide of an impact the COVID-19 pandemic has in Northern Michigan. 05 05 2020 Mack Bridge Revenue Dropping Pkg 6

The Mackinac Bridge is seeing a decrease in traffic and revenue.

“Mid-March our traffic took a nose dive with the stay at home order, which was good, it meant people were staying at home,” said Mackinac Bridge Authority Executive Secretary Kim Nowack. “By the end of March, our traffic counts were down about 24% but fortunately the revenue was only down about 14% that’s because our trucking traffic was pretty steady.”

The bridge does not get any federal or state funds, and is solely funded on tolls.

Nowack says they had strong January and February numbers that helped them go into March with revenues 2% above last year.

But early numbers indicate April was rough.

“We were down 65% of our normal traffic, but we are hoping we maintained some trucking traffic through April to bring our revenues up a little bit,” Nowack said.

Nowack says they are looking at ways to deal with a potential deficit.

“We’ve looked at some of our bigger projects and some of those things we can push off into the next fiscal year without too much issue at all,” Nowack said.

But bridge maintenance will continue to be a priority.

“You can be assured we will keep up the maintenance on the bridge,” Nowack said. “We’re finding other ways to cut but we will keep up maintenance on the bridge.”

So far for May…

“We are seeing just a little bit of increase in traffic recently over the past week or so,” Nowack said. “No telling where it will end and when we’ll get back to normal traffic.”

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