Families of North Lake Correctional Inmates Express Concern to U.S. Attorney General

Family members of inmates at the North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin have sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The letter says the coronavirus isn’t being taken seriously at the prison and about conditions there.

The GEO Group recently confirmed that four employees at the facility had tested positive for the virus.

JR Martin with the group No Detention Centers in Mchigan says inmates have recently expressed concern about the handling of the coronavirus within the prison.

“We’ve also heard about extremely confined conditions, jails, detention centers in general are just not places that are safe for anybody and they are not places where practices like social distancing can be followed in a safe or humane way for anyone,” said Martin.

The letter also claims inadequate nutrition, a lack of proper sanitation and says nine inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“We need information on what’s happening at North Lake and the numbers of people tested positive need to be released. There needs to be transparency about how the testing is being done, we need to make sure as many people as possible are tested,” said Martin.

The group says GEO should release inmates that can be released to help prevent the spread of the virus within the prison.

“There needs to be an immediate commitment to release more people, particularly medically vulnerable and elderly people, but as many people as possible throughout the federal prison system and that’s something that needs to happen at North Lake and it’s something that needs to happen at a national level,” said Martin.

9&10 News reached out to the GEO Group who operates the prison, but they have not responded.

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