Michigan Continues to Recover From COVID-19; Governor Whitmer Still Cautious

When it comes to the numbers tracking the fight against COVID-19 in Michigan, the state is seeing the trends they want as Michiganders get eager to returning to their normal life.

Tuesday marks the eight week mark since the first two cases of COVID-19 were discovered in Michigan.

Since then nearly 45,000 more have been confirmed but the climb has significantly slowed. That’s exactly what the state has been waiting for.May 4 1 Original

“We must continue to stay home and stay safe until at least May 15,” says Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

That’s the plan right now and while Gov. Whitmer won’t say thats the definite end to Michigan’s Stay-at-Home order but that possibility is getting more real.

“I’ve said before that the data we’ve seen the past couple weeks has been a sign of cautious optimism,” says Whitmer, “But I want to reiterate, we’re not out of the woods yet.”

By almost every metric, Michigan is recovering.

“The numbers of daily cases, positive tests, hospital bed capacity and testing are all moving in the right direction,” says Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s chief medical executive, “Although there continues to be a difference regionally that we are closely monitoring.”

Especially in the hardest hit areas but as they turn towards opening the state, eyes are being kept elsewhere.

“We’re still seeing a rapid increase in cases on the west side of the state and rural areas up north,” says Whitmer.

This week construction and real estate re-open. The natural question being what’s next?

“As this week goes on we should know more about what will be the next safe steps to take,” says Whitmer.

The governor has said she would like about two weeks between each decision but the numbers will be the ultimate decider.

“That would be the ideal cadence,” says Whitmer, “We may need to take a little bit shorter period of time in some industries, if we feel like a particular region it’s safe to do so.”

Whitmer would not offer examples of the next industries that may get the green light to reopen, just pushing the answer to later this week when we should have more information.

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