COVID-19 Causes Changes to May Election

The coronavirus is making changes to a lot of aspects of life, including how Michigan’s May 5 election will be held. 05 04 2020 Elex Preps Live Vo 5

“We are kind of in uncharted territory just like everyone else,” said Bear Creek Township Clerk Emma Kendziorski.

Kendziorski is one of the many clerks across the state preparing for an unprecedented election Tuesday.

“Per the Governor’s executive order, people were encouraged to vote by mail but one polling location must be open,” Kendziorski said. “We’ll be wearing PPE and masks and really encourage voters to also come in wearing masks.”

Things will look different….

“We have a sheet of plastic hanging, so voters will come in one at a time,” Kendziorski said.

Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, says it is important people get to vote.

“Democracy is essential and in times of crisis the ability to ensure our citizens are able to hold their elected officials accountable and weigh in on issues critical to their local communities is all the more important,” Benson said.

The state mailed absentee ballots to all voters with an election and voter turnout is already up.

“Voter turnout in this election is at 20% right now and will ultimately be more than twice the average turnout for May local elections,” Benson said. “Even in times of great uncertainty, people want to vote.”

And with key elections in August and November, Benson says “we have shown that we can protect your health and your right to vote.”

If you do plan to vote in person, it’s important to remember to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands.

To look up your local precinct, click here.

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