States Begin Re-Opening after Federal Guidelines Expired

05 01 20 Natl Coronavirus Pkg

With federal social distancing guidelines no longer in place, more than half of the U.S. is now planning to re-open.

By Friday, at least 35 states will have loosened their lockdowns, some allowing movie theaters and restaurants to open with capacity restrictions.

While the re-opening process will likely help the struggling U.S. economy start to rebound from the pandemic, some lke Dr. Anthony Fauci say re-opening too soon may lead to more infections.

“Discretion is given to the governors, they know their states.  The mayors know their cities, so you want to give them a little wiggle room.  But my recommendation is, you know, don’t wiggle too much,” Fauci said.

While many states are moving to re-open, others are continuing to crack down on safety guidelines.

California’s governor has ordered beaches in Orange County to temporarily close.

And New York’s governor is implementing a daily cleaning schedule for New York City subways.

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