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Covid 19

Gov. Whitmer Talks About Testing Shortage on CBS This Morning

Gov. Whitmer was on CBS This Morning talking about the nation wide testing shortage that has also impacted Michigan.

CBS confronted the governor about a woman who says she lost her mother—after her mother tried to get tested for COVID-19 four times, but was turned away.

Whitmer said that is the “saddest” reality and a product of how “underprepared” the nation was for a global pandemic.

“The fact that we’ve never had enough tests, that the federal government didn’t prepare is, contributes to the fact that we had to ration tests at the front end of, of this pandemic.  And I recognize that lives were lost.”

Gov. Whitmer reiterates Michigan is ramping up testing. She said her goal is to test at least 14,000 a day. But right now, Michigan is doing half that number.

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