Capitol Hill Debates Another Economic Relief Package

Unemployment numbers continue to grow in the U.S., with nearly 4 million new claims filed last week.05 01 20 Jobs Report Mtm Vo.transfer

That brings the total number since mid-march up to more than 30 million.

As Americans deal with the financial strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, lawmakers are debating another relief package.

Democrats say they want more money to go to state and local governments.

Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi said, “When we’re looking at the states, and municipalities and counties, and the assistance that we give them, we’re looking at what are your outlays for the coronavirus? And what is your revenue lost because of the coronavirus?”

But Republicans argue that funding should be contingent on passing liability reform to protect employers from lawsuits after the pandemic is over.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “What she’s ignoring is the second pandemic which is going to be lawsuits against doctors, nurses, hospitals and brave business people who are opening up.”

The Senate heads back to Washington, D.C. next week.

The House likely won’t return until a bill is ready for vote.

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