BREAKING: Michigan Reports 977 New Coronavirus Cases, 77 COVID-19 Deaths

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Michigan is reporting 977 new cases of the coronavirus and 77 new COVID-19 deaths.

Michigan now has 42,356 total confirmed coronavirus cases and 3,866 COVID-19 deaths.

The state updates these numbers every day at 3 p.m.

Thursday the state was at 41,379 confirmed cases with 3,789 deaths.

The state is now providing weekly updates on the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19. These numbers will be updated every Saturday.

As of April 24, 8,342 are being reported as recovered in Michigan.

The state defines ‘recovered’ as the number of persons with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis who are alive 30 days post-onset (or referral date if onset is not available).

The future of the coronavirus response in Michigan could end with lawmakers in a court battle with the governor.

The Legislature did not extend the state’s COVID-19 emergency declaration.

They also voted to authorize a lawsuit challenging the governor’s authority and actions to combat the pandemic.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer responded by going around lawmakers, declaring states of emergency and disaster under her executive authority.

She extended the state of emergency until May 28.

This does not affect the stay-at-home order. As of right now, that still lasts through May 15.

After Thursday’s eventful day in Lansing, 9&10 News spoke with state Representative Jack O’Malley Friday morning.

O’Malley says the debate between the Legislature and Governor Whitmer over the state’s emergency declaration will likely be settled in court.

Representative O’Malley went on to say the relationship between the governor and the Legislature is in a difficult place right now.

Gov. Whitmer was on CBS This Morning talking about the nationwide testing shortage that has also impacted Michigan.

CBS confronted the governor about a woman who says she lost her mother—after her mother tried to get tested for COVID-19 four times, but was turned away.

Whitmer said that is the “saddest” reality and a product of how “underprepared” the nation was for a global pandemic.

The Michigan attorney general will investigate how the state awarded a contract to a Democratic political firm to help trace possible COVID-19 exposures.

Attorney General Dana Nessel agreed to look into the contract at the request of a Republican senator.

Governor Whitmer ordered the cancellation of the contract last week to Great Lakes Community Engagement.

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