People Gather in Lansing for Stay-at-Home Order Protest on Capitol Lawn


It’s a busy day in Lansing.

The state Legislature is voting on whether to extend the state of emergency declaration, and another major protest is underway on the capitol lawn.

Thursday’s protest is more on foot than in car, like the ‘Operation Gridlock’ we saw two weeks ago.

This protest is named ‘The American Patriot Rally’ and organizers asked protesters to avoid clogging city streets and leave signs about President Donald Trump at home.

Not everybody followed their wishes.

The protest was scheduled for April 30 because that’s the day the state of emergency in Michigan expires.

The House and Senate are currently deciding whether to extend it or not and, with it, set the guidelines for Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s powers to enforce executive orders.

Two superset statutes in the Michigan constitution are at work here: one saying she needs legislative approval and one that doesn’t.

Either way, a no vote by the Legislature Thursday will send a message to the governor’s office that this is not what is wanted by the people they represent and the people voicing their opinions outside.

There is no set timetable for the vote Thursday as final negotiations continue, but if the state of emergency is denied and Governor Whitmer continues her executive orders, the entire thing will head to the courts.


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