Grand Traverse County Board Sends Letter to Governor Asking to Reopen Some Parts of Economy

The Grand Traverse County Board is asking Governor Whitmer to reopen some parts of the economy.

Thursday, the county commission voted to send a letter to her. In it, they say small business are the backbone of the community and the extended executive orders could hurt them long-term.

The letter asks her to open the county’s healthcare facilities for elective procedures, allow construction and trade work to resume, and open businesses that sell hard goods, as long as safety and health procedures are implemented.

Commissioner Jewett said the economic toll of the pandemic is going to supersede the healthcare complications. Commissioner Coffia said the letter was not advised or written with the help of the Health Department.

Warren Call, the TraverseCONNECT CEO, says his members agree that the stay at home orders are protecting everyone even though they’re coming at an economic cost.

The letter, as written, could raise some concerns and could send a mixed signal based on the broad input we’ve received from businesses and the healthcare field,” Call said during the public comment of Thursday’s meeting.

To read the county’s entire letter, visit 

The Governor is considering a regional approach to reopening but hasn’t announced any specific plans about when and how.


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