Future for Frontliners Helps Essential Workers Pay for School

For weeks Michigan Works! has been working with essential businesses to find employees to fill their frontline positions. Now the Future for Frontliners program is offering these employees a reward for their risk.

 “I think Future for Frontliners could draw workers to those jobs,” said Northwest Michigan Works! Regional Director, Lisa Schut.

Future for Frontliners is a program just announced by Governor Whitmer.

It would pay tuition for frontline workers looking to attend college or a trade school.

 “Michiganders need skills that employers are looking for. And we hope that this program would help that.”

Schut says that employers right now are desperate to find employees.

 “They’re still looking for workers in the health care industry, and lot of the service industries, grocery stores, stockers, people who are delivery services.”

 Stephanie Mathewson from the Oryana Community Co-Op in Traverse City says thousand of people come to their store each week and their employees are starting to feel it.

Mathewson says, “They are under an incredible amount of stress. We’re still seeing a lot of shops per day.”F97f14d6 121e 4e45 9d6b A68aee8e4b8e

They think that the Future for Frontliners program is the perfect way to say thank you to their employees.

 “We definitely employ some college students and definitely employ people that are still paying off student loans,” said Mathewson. “Any little bit of help that they can get is really important.”

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