Blue Cross Blue Shield Launches Home Based Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is launching a home based substance abuse treatment program.

The programs will use tele-health technologies to treat substance abuse patients without having to leave their home.

The goal is to be able to virtually start the treatment process from detoxification and assessment, as well as moving to intensive outpatient treatment, all while using a virtual platform.

Blue Cross Blue Shield says the program will allow patients to get the treatment they need quickly.

“It’s kind of combining some old tools and some real new tools to make a much better program for our members. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s trying to be able to treat this even now and to have people come and get help rather than wait, and get Nichelle Hulkathings even worse,” said Dr. William Beecroft.

For high risk patients, inpatient treatment will still be an option.