Northern Michigan COVID-19 Survivor Recovering at Home After 21 Days in Hospital

Doctors: "It was a miracle"

After three weeks in the hospital battling COVID-19, and nearly two of them on a ventilator, a Northern Michigan man is now back home recovering. 04 29 2020 Covid Survivor Pkg 6

“Left work that day, got home and had just a slight cough,” said 32 year old Alex Ewing.

Ewing lives and works on Mackinac Island. When he had a cough, he knew he needed to stay home, but after a week…

“It was considerably worse,” Ewing said. “I started to develop a bit of a temperature and started to have a little bit of shortness of breath.”

He was taken off the island to McLaren Northern Michigan and tested positive for COVID-19.

Dr. Jeff Washington and nurse practitioner Shauna Stark were on Ewing’a care team.

“Watching his labs, we can see the level of inflammation in someone’s body and his continued to significantly elevate each day,” Stark said.

After just a few days, it was clear Ewing would need to be put on a ventilator.

“There was a day or two at the beginning where we were all questioning if he was going to recover,” Dr. Washington said.

“I was pretty nervous,” Ewing said. “I knew I was going to be unconscious for a considerable amount of time.”

Ewing was on the ventilator for 13 days.

“When it comes to COVID-19, the prognosis for someone that goes on a ventilator has shown to be pretty poor, upwards of 90 percent of people that go on ventilators don’t come off,” Dr. Washington said.

Ewing fought and kept a positive attitude the whole way.

“You see how he had such a drive to recover and such a positive attitude, it really helped boost our morale,” Dr. Washington said.

“In my opinion the only way things are going to get better is if you have a positive outlook,” Ewing said. “I think that really has helped on my road to recovery.”

“After two three days we started to see him trending in the right directions,” Dr. Washington said. “In a lot of ways, it was a miracle.”

After 21 days in the hospital Ewing was discharged. On his way out, McLaren Northern Michigan staff lined the halls to celebrate his recovery.

“To see everyone lined up and down the hall way while I was being released was an amazing feeling,” Ewing said.

Ewing is back on Mackinac Island recovering now. He has no idea how he contracted the virus as he hadn’t left the island in weeks.

But he does know one thing for sure…

“I don’t know if I’d consider myself a miracle, but I am definitely blessed,” Ewing said.


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