Healthy Living: Rebuilding Valeria’s Nose

Animal bites are more common than most people think, with 2-5 million occurring each year in the U.S.

In Healthy Living, Courtney Hunter has more on the unique series of surgeries that changed the life of a teenager whose nose was bitten off by a horse.

We do want to warn you, this story contains some graphic images. Hl Rebuilding Valeria's Nose Pkg 5.transfer

Valeria says even though the process was a lot to go through, it was worth it.

The series of surgeries can cost up to $20,000 or more, but her procedures were covered by the Day of Smiles charity at Baptist Hospital in Miami.

This technique generally takes a series of four procedures, and can be used to treat skin cancers and other traumatic injuries to the nose.

For more information on the procedure, click here.

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