Gov. Whitmer Announces She Will Allow the Construction Industry to Reopen

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced she will be allowing the construction industry to reopen next week, the first sector of the economy to do so since unveiling her MI Safe Start plan Monday.

“An order doesn’t flatten the curve, it’s the actions of the people,” says Gov. Whitmer, “People in Michigan have done the right thing by staying home.”

The numbers are dropping and Michigan is getting healthier. The state feels confident enough to open up the construction industry next week.April 29 2 Original

“We are comfortable taking the step because it is a lower risk enterprise as we have scored risk and worked with industries to make sure we have appropriate protocols,” says Whitmer.

She intends to sign the executive order Friday but the first nails can’t be driven until next Thursday.

“It’s not arbitrary at all. It’s to make sure that the industry has notice so they can start to get prepared for re-engagement on the 7th,” says Whitmer, “It also gives us enough time between the first wave and when this begins to just really make sure we are watching where COVID-19 is present.”

This announcement comes while the House and Senate debate extending the State of Emergency declaration across the street.

“They’re acting as though we’re in the middle of a political problem,” says Whitmer, ”This is not a political problem that we have. This is a public health crisis.”

The legislature did not vote Wednesday as negotiations continue. They want more of a say in executive orders and Governor Whitmer wants the freedom to enforce her executive power.

“I’m going to make decisions not based on negotiations,” says Whitmer, “But based on facts and science and data and risk.”

The legislature will reconvene tomorrow morning to finally make the decision whether to extend the State of Emergency or not.

If the State of Emergency is not extended, and Governor Whitmer continues to use executive orders, it will probably lead to a battle in courts.

And at 7 p.m. Thursday, Mid-Michigan T.V. stations are hosting a virtual town hall with Gov. Whitmer, which will air on Local 32. You can steam it on our Facebook page and the 9&10 News Plus channel on the SBTV app.

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