Child Care Relief Fund Gives $130 Million to Providers

Governor Whitmer announced on Wednesday that $130 million dollars will be allocated to child care providers across the state.

This comes after the COVID-19 pandemic has closed most child care facilities and the ones remaining open are only allowed to provide care to families of essential workers.

“We got most of our program operating on a skeletal staff with just a few kids,” said Candice Hamel, director at the Great Start to Quality Northwest Resource Center.04 29 20 Child Care Assistance Pkg 1

She says many day care have lost clients and it’s leaving a mark on their pocket books.

“That same child care program might just have four or five kids that they’re providing care for but it’s still costing them them same amount to operate,” says Hamel. “So they’re bringing in very little revenue.”

Hamel says Governor Whitmer’s funding will help take stress off the backs of families and providers.

“That’s the great thing about this funding is that it’s pretty flexible spending for them,” said Hamel. “They can use it for supplies. They can use it for mortgages, rent. Pretty much everything they need.”

Great Start to Quality says they are happy to see the Governor take actions and are already connecting providers to the Child Care Relief Fund.

Hamel said, “They’re being valued really, by the community and the state level as well.”

Great Start to Quality says that the Michigan Department of Education is hosting webinars on their website this next Friday and Monday for providers to learn how to access this funding.

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